Hidden Moclips

Hidden Coast Scenic Byway Taholah Washington USA

The largest hotel in the North Beach (current or past is):

Surprise! It's Moclips Beach Hotel. The original hotel, built in 1905 numbered 150 rooms (only 36 feet from the ocean). A fire destroyed the structure just four months after opening. It was rebuilt going from an L-shape to an E-shape and an astonishing 325 rooms. Sadly, a series of three storms battered and eventually destroyed the hotel.

(In case you wondered, Shilo Inn has 113 rooms and Quinault Beach Resort has 150).

Driving the Hidden Coast Scenic Byway, you've left Pacific Beach heading north enter Moclips. Originally a Quinault village adjacent to the Moclips River, young women reaching puberty were moved to the area for purification. Natives secluded the girls to prevent what they believed would bring harm to the salmon run (Moclips refers to "bloody waters") or impact the whale run.

For white tourists who came in the thousands to Moclips, the meaning of the name changed to "placid waters" to less offend the sensibilities.

After homesteading beginning in 1862, Moclips officially became a town in 1905. This was Northern Pacific Railway's western-most terminus. Other hotels, in addition to the Moclips Beach Hotel, canneries, restaurants, mercantiles and other businesses sprang up in this burgeoning beach town.

Shingle mills and canneries also dotted the landscape. Tourists along with the shingles from the mills and canned razor clams and salmon were transported on the train.

Prior to the train, the only transportation to Moclips was via wagon on the beach. Roadways for automobiles began to develop with State Route 109 first established as Secondary State Highway 9C in 1937. It was renumbered to SR 109 in 1983. Train tracks from Moclips to Hoquiam were removed in the 1980s. This is now the Hidden Coast Scenic Byway.

Moclips offers a plethora of vacation rentals and inns with bluff views or on the "Moclips flats" where you step directly onto the beach.

Highlights to enjoy in Moclips include:

All these highlights are easily accessible along State Route 109. Check out these and more hidden treasures along the HIdden Coast Scenic Byway.